About Us


With several sons interested in racing, the notion of building rather than buying prompted the construction of Tom Fitz's first Bullrider race car. Twenty years later, the race car construction business has broadened to include several members of the Fitz family, who market and sell the quarter midget cars on a national level.

It's a family tradition to race. Oldest son Jim raced first in 1982. It was in 1987 that Tom built second-oldest son Chuck his first car. He couldn't afford to buy a car, so that's why he built one. Times were tough, and if he didn't build a car, no one would have gotten to race. 

The family faced a series of decisions in the early 1990s that included either selling their Big Pool, Md., dairy operation and continue onward with building race cars or expanding their existing herd.

As a result, the family went commercial with their race car business in 1994. In the fall of 1998, the group relocated to 3160 South Valley Road, Crystal Spring, where they continue to manufacture quarter midget cars on a yearly basis.

 Our goal is to keep producing the same quality original Bullrider Race Car Quarter Midget.