Our Race Cars




Complete Chassis (less wheels, tires & motor):

4130 Tig Welded Frame

Aluminum Body Panels (basic colors) with tailcone

Upholstery and foamkit

MCP Hydraulic Brakes with Steel Brake Disk

Front & Rear Hubs

Aluminum Gas Tank

Simpson Safety Belts 

Left Side Layover

Car Completely Assembled

Car Sizes are: 76", 78", or 80"

$ 1000.00 deposit required for each car ordered

(deposit needs to be received before the new car order will be processed and put on the waiting list of cars to be built)


Optional Extras:

Powdercoating - Black: $250.00  Standard Colors: $300.00  Two Stage Colors: $350.00 or more

Zero Error Aluminum Birdcages

ARS Racing Shocks

VRP Shocks

Tanner Platinum 4 Shocks

 AFCO Racing Shocks